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Serial success : Sen Çal Kapımı



  The causes of the success of the series " Sen Çal Kapımı "

1 - Handa and Karam

The beginning of the preparation announcement of the series "Sen Çal Kapımı"

The announcement of the tournament to "Handa" and "Karam" and the appearance

The duo pictures together have got their pictures together all eyes

To them for their beautiful and cheerful consistency that radiates

They are so impressed by the first episode of the series

The audience was great to see this beautiful duo

Together on the screen even if the story is serial

Simple and comedy, but the beauty of binary has been impressed

The audience and attract everyone to follow the serial.

2 - Ida strong personality

Unlike the rest of Turkish comedies

The character "Ayeda" is strong, educated, successful and ambitious

This is different from most characters that appear in

The same quality of serials where we find the heroine

Surface and failed and always what problems and chaos are spoken

Anywhere found.

3 - Mini comedy

The story of the series "Sen Çal Kapımı" as amusing

And lauge at the time of overcoming Turkish series

Drama, sadness and problems I love serial people

Because they separated them from reality we live with tension

Problems, in addition to funny situations but not

Vulgar and non-fabricated all is a comedy position

Which make you smile without cost.

4. Respect for women

What made a series "Sen Çal Kapımı" very different is

Women show in a good picture, not only heroine but

All women's characters in the series are distinctive and

Interlinked and cooperating and refuses to insult women even if

Its intruder was under the story.

5 - Personality "Sarakan"

Personal Personal Personality

Engineer hardworking genius to work and which

It differs from usual in Turkish series where

The young handsome hero is rich in everywhere

Learn a lot of girls, we find a personality

Straight likes to work and respect women.

6 - Celine figure

Always find competition for the ball in any Turkish series must

Be evil and make the durables and problems and do not stop

For the abuse of the heroine but the personality is upscale and unusual

The vulgar is a change of heroine in realism and do not burn

Problems around time.

7 - Surious decorations

All places of filming serial "You are afraid

And beautiful, making a distinctive image suitable for summer

Positive energy is published when watching episodes.

8 - Love relationship "Handa" and "Karam"

I spread a lot of rumors about turning love story

From the series to the truth and the presence of a love pool

Between the duo "Handa Archeel" and "Karam Borsen" but

They all remain rumors and have not yet confirmed but increased attached

The audience to see the duo together

 Serial success : Sen Çal Kapımı
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