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Profit from Writing Essays: Top 4 Tried Methods in 2020


 When I searched for profit from writing articles, I found many explanations about profit-making from writing articles only on your site. Is this the only way to profit from writing essays?

It requires you to own a website to profit from writing articles or not? Let's get to know that together in a nutshell....

Profit from Writing Essays: Top 4 Tried Methods in 2020

Profit from writing articles (what is it?)

Thousands of people daily search for ways to profit from the Internet, but their ambitious train stops at a station called "Difficulty in the field and the need for experience." Is there a room for profit from the Internet that 
is not difficult and does not need to be experienced?

Are you excited:)  

Profit from writing essays

The field of making money from writing articles:  is one of the easiest areas of work on the Internet, and does not need previous experiences or skills, it is only enough to have a device to write on and the Internet.

But you haven't answered what's the profit of writing content?   

I've answered you focus a little:) What are you reading now?

Read an article on The Days Technology website about how to profit from writing articles.
That's exactly what I want to tell you.

In short, my friend. To write an article or an explanation about a topic, answer a question, or deliver information that people are looking for, you have already written an article. But how to profit from it is what we will know now. Let's roll:)

The first way: to make a blog and profit from writing content

Profit from writing content

Profit from writing articles through a personal blog is one of the most popular ways to profit from writing content, and you will find everyone explaining this method.

The way to create a blog is either on the Blogger platform, WordPress or even on any other platform and start writing articles on the blog.

But do we write articles in any way or is there some style?

Of course, my friend, there is a way and method to write articles in blogs, and fortunately I have done a full and free course on YouTube to explain how the Blog of Bulger works from scratch and without prior experience.

Not only did I explain how to write a professional article in your blog.

The course link is here.

The advantages of this field.

  1.  The most profitable way to write content
  2. All the profits go to you alone.
  3.  There is no maximum amount of your earnings from the blog

The disadvantages of this method

  1. You need to know how a blog works
  2.  You need capital to buy a domain at least.

    The second method: profit from specialized Facebook groupings

    Profit from writing articles via Facebook

    Imagine with me that you have become very experienced in the field of writing articles and have more than one site, and of course, you have to write articles periodically on these sites what are you going to do?

     You certainly won't be able to write all the articles on these sites, and of course, you have a good profit, the best solution for you is to buy ready-made articles. But how is that?

     All you have to do is a post in these interviews that you write good articles in a field and these are examples of your business, and you will find the owners of these big sites to contact you to buy articles from you for an amount you will agree. One of the most famous of these experiences in the Arab world is the 

     popular group's content writing group, "Sharing the Experiences of Siu and AdSense"  

    The group link is here.

    The third method: profit from the mini-service sites.

      How to profit from articles through micro-service sites

    First of all, come with me to get to know the sites of the mini-services. Let's:)

     are the sites of buying and selling services offered by the service that you can implement by following certain steps and then the people who want this service come and buy it from you. 

     All this is done in the micro-service site and under his supervision, and certainly, the site takes a percentage of this process. 

     So how can I as a columnist profit from the websites of mini-services? A good question, come to answer :)easily you will offer a service on the site that you

     are proficient in writing articles compatible with SEO in the field and so on, and adjust that service and make it attractive so that the searchers of the book of articles and buy this service from you. 

     The most popular mini-service site in the Arab world is the site of fives, and you can search for other sites you will find.

    The link gives the site.

    Method 4: Write articles on profit-sharing sites

     How to profit from your articles on profit-sharing site

    I will assume that you will first hear about profit-sharing sites and explain how those sites work in one sentence. 

     These are sites shared by a large number of essayists and they write each according to their field, and they take a percentage of the profits of this site. 

     So, all you have to do is subscribe to these sites as an essayist and start writing for them and take a percentage of the profits according to the rules of each site. 

     One of those sites in Arabic content is the site of Rakim, and you can search for other sites on Google and you will find a lot of them. 

     Thus, we have provided you with a hearty meal of ways to write articles, we wish you full benefit and start working from today, and if you have a query leave it to us in a comment.

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    Profit from Writing Essays: Top 4 Tried Methods in 2020
    Salah Mostafa


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